Garden Clearance

Garden Waste Removal Service Kettering

If your garden is untidy and messy, it can really lower the aesthetic appeal of your home you need the services of a garden clearance expert. The last thing you want is to create a bad first impression on your visitors when they enter your home.

To save you from the embarrassment, you should consider a garden clearance service. This is a useful service for Kettering residents because it helps them tidy their garden and remove the waste responsibly and is part of any good garden maintenance service.

Our professional waste removal service in Kettering ensures the proper collection, removal and disposal of garden waste. This includes debris such as trees, branches, shrubs, leaves, twigs, garden furniture, garden clippings, and other green waste. Our experienced and dedicated garden clearance team will start off by sweeping or raking prior to proceeding with the garden clearance.

What Is Garden Clearance?

Garden clearance basically involves clearing out the garden waste rubbish from your garden and usually forms part of your routine garden maintenance. The cost of garden clearance usually varies according to different factors.  These factors include the load weight, the size of the rubbish pile, the time it will take to remove the rubbish and the type of rubbish that needs to be discarded. You can get lower rates if you do some of the jobs before the garden clearance company arrives. For example, you can sort the rubbish and move it to a place where it is easier to pick.

Garden clearance Waste Removal Services

Garden Waste Clearance

This involves getting rid of waste such as weeds, soil, hedge trimmings, and grass cuttings.

Gutter Clearance

Your guttering may not be working properly because it is clogged with debris. We can help return it to normal functioning by removing moss, leaves and other debris which have clogged it.

Leaf Clearance

We can use a leaf blower or sweeping to remove dried or unwanted leaves from your garden.

Overgrown Garden Clearance

We remove waste such as dried plants from your garden to ensure it is looking immaculate again.

As a Kettering garden owner, we would like to help you keep your garden looking great and save you time tidying up your outdoor space and queuing at the amenity tip or the dump!. You may not have the time to remove rubbish from your garden as well as do your daily task or job. If this is the case, you can reduce those menial jobs from your list by hiring a professional garden clearance company.

You will save the hassle of removing the green waste on your own and ensure your garden is clutter by hiring the services of a Kettering based garden clearance company.

Before you hire a garden clearance company in the Kettering area, it is important you ask them the following questions.

  1. Do they charge by volume, hour or size of rubbish collected?
  2. Do they clear everything or are there items they won’t remove?
  3. Should you gather your waste together or do they offer this service?
  4. Does their estimate include disposal or removal of waste?

Asking these questions can help you choose the right garden clearance that suits your needs.

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