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Most homeowners in the Kettering area focus on decorating the interior of their home. However, it is also important you focus on the exterior part of your home like your garden. A landscape gardener can help with this. When someone walks into your home, the first thing they will notice is how your garden looks. If your landscaping is great, it will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

However, if your garden looks untidy, it may damage your reputation. That is why homeowners in Kettering should choose a landscape gardener. When you choose a good landscaper it can have a positive impact on your home. It enhances the value of your property and helps you enjoy outdoor activities. The thing about landscaping is that it is not just about planting flowers and trees. There are various things you need to consider as well. The question you need to ask yourself is do you need to hire a gardener or a professional Kettering landscape gardener? Depending on your needs, one may suit you better than the other.


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What Is A Landscape Gardener?

Landscapers perform a variety of outdoor tasks such as garden design, hardscaping such as block paving, patios and decking.  General garden maintenance like weeding, planting, laying new turf and pruning. A landscaper may use various equipment including a chainsaw, spades, shovels, forks trowels, shears, wheelbarrows and lawnmowers among other tools. These professionals are able to prepare the site and do proper landscape gardening.

Services Offered By A Landscape Gardener

  • Garden Design & Hardscaping

Creating your dream garden requires imagination, creativity and expertise.  A beautiful garden will comprise of both hardscaping and architectural and a planting scheme to soften the harshness of paving and brickwork and space for garden furniture so you can relax in the garden. Designing a planting scheme that compliments the landscape and balances colour and form is vital for a beautiful garden all year round.  A good landscaper will make sure that there are colour and interest in all seasons from winter-flowering shrubs to spring bulbs to summer annuals and autumn perennials.  Our landscaping consultation will help us understand the type of garden you’re looking for, whether that’s a low maintenance accessible garden or any style from cottage gardens to prairie gardens, tropical borders to bog gardens.

  • Lawn Care/Maintenance

If your lawn is looking bad or you have no time to address unruly weeds and moss, you need to consider our garden mowing service. This service is ideal for property owners that want a garden or lawn which is perfectly manicured and looks immaculate. Our professional, experienced and friendly gardening service team will ensure your lawn looks at its best so that your neighbours are envious. It doesn’t matter if you have an existing or new lawn. It is important you take care of all things green on your property such as garden, trees, planting beds and more. Maintenance services offered by our garden care local business include mulching, pruning, fertilizing, land maintenance, and programs that foster healthy garden and turf growth.

  • Weeding & Garden Maintenance

Weeding is an important service we offer which ensures your garden thrives. Weeds are unwanted plants which compete with your crops and other plants for water, nutrients, and space. It is vital that weeding is done early during the growing season since it is more practical because the weeds are still small. The importance of weeding is that it helps loosen the soil as well as ensure the plants and vegetables are healthy. In addition, rainfall and sun can penetrate deeper into the soil allowing the plants to breathe and lower the humidity. This can be beneficial as it can help with disease and pest control.

  • Tree Care & Pruning

Our garden experts have years of tree care experience. We understand the tree types, proper planting techniques, and soils types which are necessary to get the job done properly. It goes without saying that overgrown trees and dead limbs are a hazard and dangerous to you and your family. You never know when a storm might strike, making the trees come crashing down to your house. To avoid the overgrown trees and dead limbs from damaging your house or overhead wiring, you should hire the services of a local tree care service. We will do a professional tree inspection to try and identify the best methods to use so that your trees are safe and healthy. Other tree services we offer include bush chipping and stump grinding and removal.

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