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Tree Surgery Services Kettering

There is no doubt that growing trees on your garden can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. However, with time your trees may be overgrown or dead, needing you to require the services of a tree surgeon in the Kettering area.  Keeping your trees, mature shrubs and hedges in good order is part of good garden maintenance.

A tree surgeon is a professional who is responsible for pruning, felling and general maintenance, care, and treatment of trees. When you contact a tree surgeon or arborist, they will conduct an inspection and hazard assessment to assess if the trees are healthy or they pose a potential danger to your family.

In case the tree has weak branches, is diseased or dead a tree surgeon will be to advise the correct treatment to save the tree or the best way to remove it safely. Before tree surgery work commences, a homeowner should discuss with a tree surgeon about their needs, what the client requires and request a quote.

What Is Tree Surgery?

Also referred to as arboriculture, tree surgery entails a variety of tree-related services such as management, cultivation, and the study of vines, shrubs, and trees. Tree surgery services in Kettering are offered by arborists or tree surgeons.

Tree surgeons are not just involved in pruning, chopping, and felling trees. These professionals are also involved in maintaining and planting trees. If the trees are damaged, a tree surgeon may apply pesticide to improve its resistance.

There are a variety of reasons why property owners may need the services of a tree surgeon. One of the reasons is to improve the aesthetic appeal of their property by trimming and shaping trees. In other cases, a property owner may require this service if they want to improve the safety of their home. For example, a tree branch may be hanging above your roof, making it a potential hazard to your property. In this case, a tree surgeon may help solve this problem by removing the tree limb.

Tree Surgery Services in The Kettering Area Explained

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting entails tree branch removal from the lower parts of the crown. The benefit of crown lifting is that it lifts the trees overall height and ensures sunlight penetrates through its branches and reaches the lower part of the crown.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction involves reducing the overall size of a tree canopy. To achieve this, a tree surgeon may evenly prune its branches throughout the crown. In addition, dangerous or broken deadwood will be removed and branches which are crossing will be pruned. The benefit of crown reduction is that it minimizes the risk of tree infection.

Tree Felling

In some cases, a tree may need to be removed permanently. For example, if a tree is too large or it is grown in restricted areas, tree felling may be the best option. When you hire a professional tree surgeon like us, it will ensure the tree felling is safe and properly controlled.

Root And Tree Stump Removal / Grinding

After a tree is removed, it is important that the roots and stumps are separately removed as well. This is where you may need to go for both tree stump and root removal service.


As the tree ages, it is likely that some branches will dry naturally. This explains why you need to regularly maintain the trees on your garden. Deadwooding will ensure your trees are safe in public areas.

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